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Apr 28

Retail Sector Analysis and Opportunities in Mauritius

Unit: Business Decision Making

Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma Business –PART TIME

Learning Outcome Learning outcome Assessment Criteria In this assessment you will have the opportunity to present evidence that shows you are able to: Task no.
LO1 Be able to use a variety of
sources for the collection of
data, both primary and secondary
1.1 create a plan for the collection of primary and secondary data for a given business problem 2
1.2 present the survey methodology and sampling frame
1.3 design a questionnaire for a given business problem 2
LO2 Understand a range of
techniques to analyse data effectively for business
2.1 create information for decision making by summarising
data using representative values
2.2 analyse the results to draw valid conclusions in a
business context
2.3 analyse data using measures of dispersion to inform a
given business scenario
2.4 explain how quartiles, percentiles and the correlation
coefficient are used to draw useful conclusions in a
business context
LO3 Be able to produce
information in appropriate
formats for decision making
in an organisational context
3.1 produce graphs using spreadsheets and draw valid
conclusions based on the information derived
3.2 create trend lines in spreadsheet graphs to assist in
forecasting for specified business information
3.3 prepare a business presentation using suitable software and techniques to disseminate information effectively 1
3.4 produce a formal business report 1
LO4 Be able to use software generated
information to
make decisions in an organisation
4.1 use appropriate information processing tools 3
4.2 prepare a project plan for an activity and determine the
critical path
4.3 use financial tools for decision making. 3
Assignment title(s) Retail Sector Analysis and Opportunities in Mauritius

Purpose of this assignment: This assignment will expose students to the use of sound practices in business decision making. Students are expected to present findings in graphical charts and in written forms to make sense of business situations and to advise on future strategies which are conducive to higher profits and increased turnover of a particular business.
An international firm in the retail sector, named Strategic Products & Services (SPS) Ltd, wishes to set up a branch locally. You are appointed as Principal Business Development Manager of the firm in view of its implementation in Mauritius.

The first task which you are assigned is to conduct a small study of the retail sector in Mauritius, coupled with a survey of customer habits in supermarkets. The first study will rely on data and literature sources relevant to the sector. The survey will then assess a sample of 30 potential customers and gauge their attitudes and perceptions of the retail sector locally.

The firm, SPS Ltd expects all the findings to be presented in a comprehensive report which contains all relevant information of the retail sector in the island and considerable analysis of customer habits supported by statistical evidence.

Due to the sensitive nature of the business and the need to guard against leak of information, the firm has to protect all its commercial decision from potential competitors by implementing data security at all levels.

The next task will be the design of a management information system which could integrate all the main activities of the firm in view of its launch on the local scene together with a feasible timeline. SPS Ltd would also like to be advised about how specific financial tools can boost their day-to-day business.

All the above are to be included in a strategic plan of the firm for the next five years together with an overview of a business presentation.

Task 1 (LO2 & LO3: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4)
Prepare a report on the current state of the retail sector and customer perception and present all findings in a number of graphical charts and comment on the financial situation of the group.

To achieve a Merit: Students are expected to present findings in the form of pie charts and bar charts and to comment briefly on the results.

To achieve a Distinction: Students are expected to use more advanced data analysis tools to predict future trend based on existing data and to carefully explain how profits can be increased.

Task 2 (LO1: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3)
Conduct a complete literature search based on the main sources of data for retail activities in which the firm can invest by drafting a series of comprehensive business recommendations.

Design a complete questionnaire for data collection among a sample of potential customers of the firm regarding its current and future activities.

Describe how data security can be reinforced in the firm to prevent breaches and the various information systems and financial tools which can aid in better decision-making.

To achieve a Merit: Students are expected to use the above scenario and elaborate briefly the existing activities and submit a short questionnaire and advise on security aspects of data and computer systems.

To achieve a Distinction: Students are expected to search for new retail activities and to propose a sound plan for implementation. Students will design a full questionnaire, looking at the different aspects of customer attitude and explain in details how data security can be enforced at all levels and the use of computer systems.

Task 3 (LO4: 4.1,4.2,4.3)
Present all the findings above and main strategic decisions in a project plan for the next 5 years for the SPS Ltd firm.

To achieve a Merit: Students are expected to integrate the issues mentioned above into a report and to predict the performance of the firm in the next five years.

To achieve a Distinction: Students are expected to prepare a professional looking report, integrating in a logical manner, all the tasks above and present a feasible project plan for implementation of main decisions in a 5-year time frame coupled with an overview of a business presentation.

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